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Eolophus roseicapillus

Length: 14 inches
Weight: 280-320 grams
Life span: 40-50 years
Age at Weaning: 12-14 weeks
Age at Maturity: 2-3 Years
Country of Origin: Australia

Temperament: Rose Breasted Cockatoos are much easier for most owners than the other cockatoo species, as they are less demanding and require less time out of the cage. They are outgoing and playful, yet will calm down enough for a head scratch. Scratching under their beaks will make them most appreciative. While these birds are easier to own than the other cockatoos, they are still not for everyone, so some research is necessary before purchasing one.

Talking Ability: Moderate
Noise Level: Moderate
Cage Requirements: 24" x 24"
Interesting Facts: Although very rare in the United States, these birds are more than prevalent in Australia. Many farmers treat these birds as pests and will often shoot them! It sounds bad, but for the farmers, 10,000 Rose Breasted Cockatoos can mean devestation to their crops.

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