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Updated:Feb 5, 2007

Ready for a good home.............

Hand Raised Chicks by Look Who's Talking Aviaries List:


New African Grey Congo

Clutch Ready

5 months old

Asking $2000.00 each

Now On Sale $1800.00

Must go Before June 27,2007




Trade will be consider please ask.

Shipping is available in summer months by plane. Birds can be held until then with a 50% deposit. A 10 % deposit will be asked for to hold any bird for short periods.

Breeding Pairs:

All birds are in Great feather condition unless other wise stated. Highlights of each bird or pair will be listed below.

Cages are not included with these birds. New one are available on request.

Older cages can be purchased also.

I have some Breeders for sale at this time.

One Blue and Gold Macaws pair asking $2200.00 Not Proven

Yellow nape & Yellow Crown Amazon Pair Bonded - good feather $2000.00


Previously Owned:

 If you are looking to sell a bird please let me know I can try to help

If the bird is not listed please ask to put on a waiting list for your species. We then can let you know when your chicks are hatching and give you a change to be united with the right chick for you.

Please Note: I like to let the chick pick you not you the chick. This helps in getting you the best chick that will want to be a life long pet for you and your family. Prices might change without notice.

All birds are well-natured and are handled a lot. These Chicks are fully weaned before leaving. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

Please Note GST will be added to every sale

Please Call and ask questions.

I am always glad to answer questions. It is the only way to learn. You can ask by e-mail or by phone. I do find the phone better to answer your questions fully. If the e-mail is better for you I will do my best to help any way I can



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