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I love parrots!!

I am a person that has been an animal lover all of my life. I have had all kinds: goats, ducks, geese, chickens, horses, snakes, smaller birds and any animal that may need my help.

My enjoyment exploded when I got a parrot. I was train by a lady named Mary-Ann Wattam with Wattam Birdhouse in Montana, USA. She taught me how to hand-feed, what to do when problems came up, and how to really watch the birds. I decided a long time ago that if someone could take the time to help me that I had a duty to pass that on to others.

I breed my birds for a few reasons; to give someone else a chance to experience the joy I have with my birds, to help preserve the species by filling the demand of the pet market so they are not taken from the wild and finally, to keep my hobby and joy going so I can continue to play with my birds.

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Todd McClean
Drayton Valley, Alberta Canada
Phone: 780.542.4822
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