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The aviary started out as a boyhood dream. A dream of having a parrot. My first was a kongo africa grey named Pucky; my best friend, she could talk up a storm with about 700 words. She wasn't much to look at but she was my dream. The second bird was a sulfer-crested cockatoo named Tootie. What a jokester; he plays around and is always the center of attention. Then I decide to find a breeder for Plucky. His name was Sage. He couldn't say much, but what a whistler! They had two clear clutches and on the third try I was an uncle of four beautiful chicks.

From that point on my flock started to grown to approximately 60 birds. At one point I had 20 birds in my three bedroom trailer! That's when I decide to build an aviary. That summer a 1600 sq. ft building was put up and I moved in. All my dreams have been met with the inclusion of a pair of Hyacinth Macaws and Rose breasted Cockatoos.

I am a bird lover and have become a bird sanctuary where I will take in and put the bird into a breeding program or find a suitable home for the bird. Most stay with me and are placed with a mate.

All parrots have a home here. I am in a network of other sanctuaries, which help pair up unwanted birds. With this network, we are able to pair up birds faster and safer.

No sanctuary birds are for resale. I do reserve the right to trade or place a bird where I feel it is best for the bird. In most cases with another sanctuary.

If you have any questions Please call.

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Todd McClean
Drayton Valley, Alberta Canada
Phone: 780.542.4822
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